3 Great Alternative Christmas Gifts

Life’s Easier with a Hair voucher

What better treat this festive season? Take the hassle out of that appointment with hair voucher from us makes the perfect gift. It can be used against any hair services in the salon.

With the party season looming giving the gift early can be a great way of looking gorgeous for the up and coming office party or event.

Couple the gift with some db products from our range or alongside one of our exclusive Mother titanium hair straightener sets to make it even more special.

More details of hair vouchers and products are available by calling the salon on 01274 690909.

Buy Your Very Own Star

Yes it is true you can buy your loved one there very own star. The best thing is you can choose what constellation it is in according to your partner’s star sign.

What is also good is that you can pick the day the star was purchased. Once complete you will receive your very own certificate you can choose to have framed or placed in a presentation gift box.

Getting ones easy they start from 19.99 just use a web search ‘Buy A Star’

Become a Lord or a Lady

Believe it or not in the highlands of Scotland there is an old law that means if land is purchased on an estate it gives the owner the right to title.

So now is the chance to become a Lord or Lady by purchasing a square of land on a designated park. The jury’s still out as to how authentic this title really is but from just £24.99 it is just too tempting.

Some sizes of land even offer the ability to camp on it overnight and be a real lady and lord of the manner.

Perform a web search for ‘get a title’