Cloud Nine Straighteners Vs ghd Hair Straighteners

Comparison of the ghd gold series range of hair straightener and Cloud Nine hair C9 range of Straighteners. Both sets of hair straighteners are aimed at the professional salon market and the hair consumer for hair straightening on a daily basis. Cloud Nine Straighteners have been launched since October 2009 the new ghd series range has been launched recently sometimes confused as dhg hair straighteners

Heres a comparison of features of each hair straightener and model differences and prices

ghd straightener series

Comes in three sizes the same as Cloud Nine the ghd gold standard comes in a slighty smaller presentation box. The straightener comes a 24 month guarantee inside the box and also a heat sleeve. The box is very impressive with a nice gold embossed design with the “ghd gold series” logo. on opening the box is slightly angled to show off the straightener in its box along with a mini hair styling guide and a heat sleeve. the heat sleeve is a new addition allowing you to slide over the straightener when not in use. The box doesn’t contain a heat mat or pouch as the sleeve takes care of this side of heat protection. The straightener itself has the usual hibernation mode and a handy detachable plug allowing it to be used around the world it also self sensing voltage making travel a breeze.

Whats striking is the new design the straighteners barrel seems to taper into the end, to the center is the ghd hologram and a unique motif pattern on the top of the straightener. This motif has been designed specifically to make it hard for counterfitters.

Whats It Like To Use?

This is where the new contourder plates really come into effect they have been smoothed and shaped to make them glide through the hair easier. If you use your hair straightener for curling the ghd gold series barrel makes this alot easier because of the light taper hair is easily twisted/half turned from the barrel. The straightener feels light and a little too light at times but this makes straightening easier heat up is quick and a nice glow appears under the ghd button in the center of the straightener. The ghd gold series is available as an original size styler for all hair types a wide plated version and a same size pair with a thinner plate width ideal for short hair Prices are around £99 – £119

Cloud Nine Straighteners

C9 Straighteners come in three size new to the market in 2009, they are available in micro, original and wide plated models. each hair straightener comes in a presentation box which is lightly larger than the ghd gold series. To the top is the Cloud Nine logo embossed in silver and to the side the box is very rigid and sturdy. The box opens in a hinge style to show the straightener angled and embed on in the box. To the inside top of the box reads. We want flexibility, creativity, individuality. we want to look natural, We want volume, body and shine. we want healthy hair. In short, we want and evolution in styling.

On picking up the straighteners feel solid and are slightly heavier than the gold series. The stand out feature is the temperature control located in the center of the straightener alongside a Cloud Nine Hair hologram. The temperature is adjustable by degrees giving more control of the heat given out of the plates.

Inside the box the straightener has a translucent heat sleeve cover for heat protection. The box is very impressive giving a real quality feel and makes a great gift box for anyone giving the straightener a present. All models have a hibernation mode making the hair straightener sleep after being unused. Inside the box

Whats Are They Like To Use?

Out of the box they glide through the hair with ease. The temperature control makes styling more easier on different hair types, for instance on a fine hair a high heat is not always necessary which makes a great avoidance to heat damage.

The same can be applied to the hair vice a versa for thick hair types the highest setting can be used. Also as hair straightening has come on sometimes through regular straightening you dont need the high heat each day only a “top up heat” to style over thus resulting in improved hair condition over time. Cloud Nine Straighteners Retail For £99 – £129.95