Db Hair Care Tips!


db Hair Care Tips

Keeping your Colour in-between Colour Services:

1. Always wash your Hair in a Colour Protect Shampoo or Salon Quality Shampoo to Protect Colour Fading.

2.Use Salon Treatments if you have coloured hair as Natural oils such as coconut Oil Treatments can Lift your Colour Out.

3.When using Heat on your Hair always use a heat protects to prevent colour Fade from over Heating the Hair.

4. When going on Holiday or Swimming Avoid getting Chlorine in your hair or use a Leave in Conditioner/Swimming cap to Prevent damage and Colour Fade from Chlorine as Chlorine is a Bleach.

5. Do not over Wash your Hair, Shampoo and Conditon a maximum or 3 times a week to prevent lifting the colour out. It’s also healthier for your hair to not wash it everyday.

6. Always leave your hair 48 Hours after a colour service before shampooing as it needs to be in your Hair Shaft for 48 hours before washing as it will lift your colour out.


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