Getting The Best From Cloud Nine’s Hair Curling System

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Hi to everyone out there fortunate enough to own a TheO Cloud Nine. You will have played about with The O and tried to create the best styles. As I have used the O system I have realised it does take some getting used to.

I want to outline some techniques I have tried and tested using the system. You need to first determine what hair texture you have then choose wisely with your rollers. If your hair is fine look to use the o’s 40mm and 50mm rollers. Its best to scatter the rollers randomly in small hair sections.

To create a full bodied look with slight wave, thicker hair needs lots of rollers in quite fine sections to create a full look and lots of glamour. Use lots of large 60mm rollers this will create a bufont type look.

TIP: Always use your amplify spray when using the rollers and always spray on each roller Hair section before putting the roller in the hair

Just a spritz all over with amplify is not enough for all night staying power.

Just when I though the O system couldn’t get any better Cloud Nine Hair launched the O hair clips. These come in two sizes specially shaped for the os rollers in two sizes 20, 30, 40mm and 50, 60mm. These clips are great if you have just decided to go out in a hurry. Why, because the clips allow you to put less rollers in, in the same time. The clips make sure the rollers secure and by applying the amplify spray and applying heat to form a really great sense of body and fullness.

Transform your office; here’s a technique to become the office babe about town. Add a few rollers on your crown, a little back combing and you will be giving Bridget Bardot a run for her money.

Remember the O system is unique a brand new revolutionary way to use apply and style with heated hair rollers. Like all things new the O is no different and will take a little time to get use to. So the next time you go to your hair salon, ask to have the o pod system used on your hair and be part of the hairdressing revolution. I know its the one thing I can’t live without.

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