I Want Hair Like Kate Middleton

OK so you want hair like Kate Middleton, first Kate’s hair is long with volume and curls and quite frankly a hairdressers dream. Here’s a starting point of how to get Kate’s look I will tell you how it can be achieved,but get ready there maybe some surprises along the way.

Where to start

Start with your own hair type is it long or short fine hair or thick hair or something in between? Depending on your starting point here’s some summary of where to start.

I Have Short Fine Hair

This is probably the furthest away that you can get from the desired look so we will tackle this. Look to hair extensions to solve this problem, extensions are a very useful tool in the hair dressers arsenal to give you long and thick locks in a short amount of time.

Start with sourcing a good hair extensions hairdresser to do this ask for examples of their previous works and also go on recommendation’s. This is not the time to look at saving money. Good hair extensions are costly they use the correct quality ethical hair and also it will be very time consuming to have them fitted. A good hairdresser will provide all the details prior. There are cheaper extensions like clips and temporary bonds or some very bad examples. Whats key to note here is that your hair is an integral part of your make-up just like if you where having a surgical procedure. There’s the right way and the wrong way to do things select wisely and you will not have a prole. With more and more hair extensions entering the market there’s lots of different types of ways and systems but not just this the ability of the stylist and the skill is key in having hair extensions fitted to match your hair type, thickness and colour.

If you follow these guidline and a good after care program your extensions will be worth every penn. As if applied and fitted correctly they will last upwards of six months. This is only achieved from good maintenance and aftercare.

Once you have your extensions fitted now its time to start colouring. Your hair colour really depends on three things:-

  • Face and Head Shape
  • Skin Complexion
  • Eye Colouring

Fundamentally these things are the key drivers but other factors include your hair current colour and the ability to lift it or colour it down to your desired colour. Your hair also needs to be in good condition before adding colour. Hair extensions can be coloured the same as normal hair. The hair colour you choose above all must be your choice and what you feel most happy with.

Getting The Volume

This can be achieved in a number of ways if you have light fine hair start with a thickening shampoo these are available in all good salons and finish with a thickening conditioner. Blow dry and you will start to see  volume start to a occur in the hair if need be adding a volumizing spray if you need more. To get curl ends with a relaxed curl this can be done in a number of ways:-

  • With a wide hair straightener curling around the barrel with a half turn and releasing and pulling the curl out and applying finishing spray
  • large heated hair rollers left in for a short period of time and again applying a volume product before and spray to finish
  • Blow drying with a large ceramic brush and powerful ION hair dryer curling the brush on half turn to train the hair

If you have similar hair to Kate’s at the moment you are probably going only us some of the styling methods above to achieve the look. An important pint to remember is that when ever you are styling your hair the curls and volume you make when completed over time will start to stay in the hair and styling will become easier overtime. Its very easy to train the hair by using heat and products to add volume curls or straighten.

Never apply heat to damp hair or hair wet with product I always recommend drying a product in first. You will not lose the product if you are using an ION hair dryer the dryer the IONS open up the hair cuticle to accept the product.


Finish with a shine spray there’s lots on the market some offer a combination of a “built in” treatment. This can be very useful after colour as the treatment can be daily whilst adding shine. Styling doesn’t have to take along time if you are canny about product use and also performing the same style over time will make it easier and easier

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